A great employee experience, culture, and brand all start inside with modern, strategic internal communication.

Audits and Strategies

When you need to take a more strategic approach to internal communications.

Change, Projects and More

When you’ve got a major project and need expert help to get it done.

Ongoing Support

When you have more work than you can handle.

Workshops and Idea Blast Sessions

When you need a quick fix or a fresh dose of inspiration.


The most effective internal communications are built on a solid strategy that translates business goals into the actions required to change behaviour and drive business outcomes.

Our process is straightforward and it works.

  • 01 Research

    We start with research to really understand your business environment and strategy, your culture, and what makes your people tick.
  • 02 Strategize

    We help you make deliberate choices, set goals, and chart a course to get you there.
  • 03 Write

    We help you develop the messages and content to support purpose, meaningful work, and a culture of learning.
  • 04 Plan

    We select the best channels and tactics for delivering the message and gathering feedback from employees. We also make sure leaders are equipped to do their part.
  • 05 Implement

    We make sure you have everything you need to monitor, measure, and improve your internal communication program.
  • 06 Measure

    We build measurement into the strategy and then work with you to help you make sense of the data.


The most competitive businesses have mastered the challenges of a fast-changing business environment, but change is hard, and a lack of communication is one of the top reasons that 70% of change projects fail.

Effective communications can support your employees through the change. Vision2Voice can help you inform, involve and inspire employees, ensuring your initiative is successful.

Whether it’s a merger or acquisition, the introduction of new technology, or streamlining operations, we’ll show you how you can help your employees successfully adapt, build resilience, and deliver the desired results on time and on budget.

Internal Communications Projects

Internal Communications Projects

Every time you communicate with your workforce, no matter what the topic, you have another opportunity to engage employees, strengthen bonds and advance the corporate purpose.

Vision2Voice can help you reach the next level with each internal communications project including:

  • Employer branding
  • Onboarding
  • Employee advocacy
  • HR program communications
  • Rewards and recognition programs
  • Sustainable and responsible business initiatives
  • Community relations activities

Communications Coaching for Leaders

Communications Coaching for Leaders

The most effective leaders are powerful communicators who have a clear and compelling vision that resonates with employees and drives performance. But for most, this doesn’t come naturally and poor communication skills become an obstacle to the achievement of business and career goals.

Vision2Voice provides communications coaching for business leaders who want to learn how to:

  • Build a meaningful connection with employees
  • Maximize the impact at every communication touchpoint
  • Inspire employees with honest, open and authentic communication
  • Increase buy-in, ownership and alignment

Internal Communications Audit

Internal Communications Audit

Need to know if your internal communications efforts are working?

Vision2Voice can help you plan and conduct a thorough audit and assessment of your internal communications challenges and opportunities. We will help to:

  • Plan your audit
  • Review current data and metrics
  • Design and conduct focus groups
  • Evaluate communications material and channels
  • Collect and analyze audit results
  • Provide you with a detailed report
  • Recommend an action plan and next steps

Elevate Your Internal Communications. Elevate Your People.

Our approach puts an end to internal communication as a news distribution function. Instead, we equip people with the information they need to do their jobs, to learn and grow, and to make a meaningful contribution to your organization’s success.

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