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Institute For Public Relations – February 2020. | GUEST BLOG POST

The Winning Formula for Internal Communications

When internal communication is leveraged, it can elevate employees and help them thrive while driving business results.

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Book – DECEMBER, 2019. | NEW BOOK

Job Love

Based on 7 elements of a great relationship, Andrea Greenhous explores how to foster Job Love in your organization.

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Building a Better Workplace Culture

Andrea Greenhous and Meredith Silver explore how internal communication should be about more than the latest corporate announcement. Based on Andrea’s book “Job Love”…

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Smarp – DECEMBER 12, 2019. | GUEST BLOG POST

Telling the Whole Story: Don’t Stop at Metrics When Proving Business Results

We asked Andrea Greenhous, Founder and Chief Internal Communications Strategist at Vision2Voice, to explain the secret ingredient internal communications often miss when measuring success.

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Poppulo – JULY 22, 2019. | BLOG POST

Why Creativity Matters in Employee Communications

I am an idea person. I just can’t help myself. In my uncontrollable urge to stray from the ordinary, I have found that creativity can and should play an important part in internal communication.

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Carol Ring – JUNE, 2019. | BLOG POST

How to Find the Secret Foundation to a Successful Workplace Culture

The strategic planning process used to be a linear exercise. We started with the vision and then worked our way down through the what, where, when and how to develop the strategy. Then we might consider the people element of our strategy, which would bring in culture. The visuals always had culture as the foundation.

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Dominique Dennery – MAY 21, 2019. | PODCAST

Create, Inspire, Empower – Podcast Series Episode 7: Andrea

This week, I welcomed Andrea Greenhous on my podcast. Andrea is the founder and president of Vision2Voice Communications, Ottawa’s only internal communications agency. Her passion for employee communications began over 20 years ago when she saw first-hand how communications could make a real difference in an organization’s success.

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Chuck Chats – MAY 7, 2019. | BLOG POST

Chuck Chats The Power of Empathy in Internal Comms with Andrea Greenhous, President of Vision2Voice Communications

With over 20 years of experience in employee communications and as a certified change management practitioner, Andrea Greenhous combines strategic thinking and innovative ideas to help organizations communicate and connect with their employees. Andrea is the president of Vision2Voice Communications, a consultancy that specializes in internal communications and the people side of organizational change.

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Blurb – NOVEMBER 27, 2018. | NEW BOOK

The Captain Wants To Water Ski

When the viking captain wants to water ski, everyone needs to be rowing in the same direction. In her fun and straightforward style, Andrea Gregoire explains how internal communication can help every captain improve performance and build organizations that attract and keep the best talent.

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Bonfyre – DECEMBER 19, 2018. | BLOG POST

Around the Bonfyre: Andrea Gregoire’s Formula for Effective Employee Communication

Andrea Gregoire first came to understand the principles of effective employee communication on Canada’s Parliament Hill.

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Ottawa, Ontario – November 24, 2018. | PUBLICATION

Ottawa Business Journal – Companies to Watch

Inform, involve, inspire your people. Vision2Voice Communications helps organizations better engage their greatest asset

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Ottawa, Ontario – August 16, 2018. | PRESS RELEASE

Vision2Voice Communications and Bonfyre team up to improve employee engagement, retention and performance

Vision2Voice Communications Inc., employee communications specialists and Bonfyre, an employee experience platform, announce a joint venture to provide a complete solution to the challenges of communicating and connecting with employees in a way that is both modern and meaningful.

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Internal communication is NOT company news.

Our eBook shares our unique formula for driving business success. Download it today and sign up for updates on the latest news and trends.

Internal communication is NOT company news.

Our eBook shares our unique formula for driving business success. Download it today and sign up for updates on the latest news and trends.