Informed, involved, inspired employees

Informed, involved, inspired employees

Internal communication is about much more than company news. It’s about aligning the hearts and minds of your people with your corporate vision and goals. Vision2Voice will guide you, step by step, through a process proven to inform, involve and inspire your employees.


If you don’t engage your employees, someone else will. And you’ll pay the price, again and again. The high cost of employee turnover goes beyond the price you pay to recruit, on-board and train replacements – the productivity lost every time a talented employee leaves has an impact on revenue and profitability, too. At Vision2Voice, we focus on helping companies connect with their employees. This increases productivity (by up to 25%!), performance, and makes them a magnet for the best talent.

Our Services

Bring out the best in your people with great internal communications

A great employee experience, culture, and brand all start inside — with modern, strategic internal communication.

Strategic Internal Communications

Get your people aligned with your purpose and goals.

Change Management Communications

Accelerate transformation and build resilience.

Internal Communications Projects

Drive business outcomes with every project.

Meet our FOUNDER

Andrea Greenhous is an internationally recognized thought-leader in internal communications and founder of Vision2Voice. Andrea ’s passion for internal communications began over 25 years ago when she saw first-hand how it could make a huge difference in an organization’s culture.

If she’s not working, she can be usually found at the yoga studio, on her bike, or running with her black Labrador Retriever at her side.

Not sure where to start?

An Internal Communications Audit is a great first step. You’ll discover what’s working and what’s not to set the course for a great internal communications program that delivers a lasting impact.

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