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The most innovative companies in the world have modern internal communications strategies that transform their businesses. They save millions on the costs of employee turnover, increase profitability, and consistently attract amazing people.

Let us show you exactly how they do it, so you can do it too…


“I’m giving you my two weeks notice.”


Hearing this phrase from a member of your team triggers many emotions.

If you are the person they are telling, then you are likely the person who needs to begin the process of posting the job (or retaining a recruiter), reviewing resumes, onboarding your new hire, and getting them up to speed. It also means the time, energy and money you put into the team member who is leaving is now lost. You may not have considered what this all costs your business in a year. We have, and the costs are staggering. We will show you what it is costing you in a minute.

There is an even large issue to these departures. They are a flashing red sign of a lack of employee engagement that slowly eats away at teams and the whole organization.

While engagement may feel like a soft concept, it has a significant financial impact. In fact, numerous studies have shown that companies with increased employee engagement are up to 22% more profitable. Yes, 22%!!

Finally, in today’s business world where companies with the best people win, our work creates organizations that become magnets for the very best talent. And those companies with the best talent dominate their industries.

We are in the business of internal communications to help businesses decrease employee turnover, increase profitability, and have the very best talent coming to them.

We know, talk is cheap! So, let’s make this very real for your business, right now.

How Much Is This Costing Your Company?

To calculate how much employee turnover is costing you and the revenue that can be created by increased employee engagement, simply complete the below based on your company.


How many people are on your team?


What is their average salary?

$ 000

What is your rate of attrition?


What does it cost to find new talent?

percent of salary

How long does it take to fill a position?


How long does it take to ramp up a new hire?


Value an individual produces?

x their salary

What is your projected revenue for 2020?

$ 000,000

Projected profit %

Annual Cost of Employee Turnover


Potential Increase in Profitability


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Our process gets results.



Science Beaker One

Empower your people with the information they need to do their jobs, learn and grow.



Science Beaker Two

Drive innovation and collaboration by giving people a say and building connections.



Science Beaker Three

Increase commitment and motivation with a clear and meaningful purpose.



Our process is clear and simple. This is what makes it so powerful. We’ll show you exactly how it works.


Some stats to prove the point




increase in performance in organizations with good internal communication



of workers are looking for another job



of HR leaders don’t think they have the culture to drive future performance


Exceptional organizations and powerful brands understand that their people are the true source of their competitive advantage. Supporting the well-being of people and helping them flourish is not just good for business, it is the right thing to do.

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The Technology To Measure Change In Employee Engagement

We’ve teamed up with Bonfyre to bring modern, mobile-first technology to more efficiently build your culture and give every person across your organization a voice.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Bonfyre team to bring their technology to organizations in Canada who are making culture, engagement and employee communications a priority.”
Andrea Gregoire


Bonfyre App



Customers love us.


“They can always come up with new, fresh ideas
on how to communicate. In these times of information overload,
having your message stand out is vital.”


Mr. Llewellyn Fernandes, President



Free Strategy Session

Book your free 30-minute strategy session today. We’ll show you how we get everyone in your company rowing in the same direction to create an unstoppable organization.

During this call, we will…


  1. How to uncover the true causes of employee turnover.
  2. Assessment and calculator.
  3. One breakthrough strategy for you to put into action immediately.
  4. Show you the things companies with highly engaged workers always do.
  5. Show you how to get your large company all rowing in the same direction.
  6. Leverage the latest technology to give everyone a voice and measure your progress.




Internal communication is NOT company news.

Our eBook shares our unique formula for driving business success. Download it today and sign up for updates on the latest news and trends.

Internal communication is NOT company news.

Our eBook shares our unique formula for driving business success. Download it today and sign up for updates on the latest news and trends.