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The Captain Wants to Waterski

The Captain Wants to Waterski

Wherever she goes, Andrea meets business leaders who worry about the same things: attracting and keeping great people; staying ahead of the competition; and being agile enough to continually adapt in a rapidly changing world.

Andrea will share the secrets of building a great culture where people are energized, committed and passionate about their work. It’s not about providing free lunches, redesigning office space, or organizing fun employee events. It’s about better communication inside your organization – communication that fuels purpose, makes people feel valued and respected, and equips them with the knowledge to perform at their best.

In her clear and straightforward style, Andrea explains how organizations can revolutionize their internal communications. She uses the latest advances in neuroscience, leading management practices, and storytelling to show business leaders how modern and meaningful internal communication can help organizations achieve more than ever before.

Getting Ahead of Change

Getting Ahead of Change

The pace of change is accelerating, and the world is becoming more and more complex, but organizations continue to use old-school approaches to ‘manage’ change. What if there was a better way?

Andrea built her business on the back of change and has led large-scale multimillion-dollar change projects for over 20 years. Her experience has led her to an important conclusion – organizations need to focus on being resilient and change ready.

Hear fresh thinking about change and learn how to build an organization where people are resilient, where every employee is ready to take an active role in leading change, and where learning is part of everyday work.


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Internal Communication for Leaders

Internal Communication for Leaders

An organization can only succeed when employees at every level clearly understand its goals and direction. More and more, organizations recogn ize that a powerful vision has a positive impact on their brand, their ability to innovate, and can significantly increase performance and productivity.

While leaders often learn personal communications skills, there is little attention paid to strategic communications skills. Andrea shares the secrets to capturing the hearts and minds of employees which gives leaders the ability to inspire, motivate and connect with employees. Learn what leaders at Google and other leading companies do to build great teams and attract and keep awesome people. Leaders will also learn to avoid common communications pitfalls and mistakes that can result in confusion, distrust, disengagement and resistance to change

Who should attend?

This one-day workshop is suitable for senior executives and leaders who need to establish a clear vision for their organization, align people with that vision, and inspire them to make it happen despite any obstacles that might stand in the way.

Leaders will learn:

  • The importance of developing an internal communications strategy that produces business results.
  • Understand how to connect with your employees
  • Set clear objectives and focus on the initiatives to propel your organization toward its goals
  • Develop messages that inspire action
  • Articulate a clear vision that will guide decision-making and employee action
  • Capture the hearts and minds of your audience to motivate and engage you employees and customers
  • Learn how to use storytelling and content to build engagement and boost learning
  • Apply straightforward principles that will ensure communications success
  • Create a culture where everyone feels valued
  • Use the most appropriate channels and tactics to reach your audience

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Internal Communication for Managers

Internal Communication for Managers

Front line managers can and should play and important role in internal communication and culture building. Yet the vast majority of managers don’t receive any strategic communication training.

Internal communication isn’t rocket science and this one-day bootcamp will quickly give your management team the knowledge and skills to communicate with their people in a way that is modern and meaningful

Who should attend:

This one-day workshop is suitable for manager and director level leaders who care about their people and want them to thrive while building successful teams that make strong contribution to business results.

Managers will learn:

  • What people are really looking for in their job
  • The secrets of truly connecting with people
  • How to capture the hearts and minds of your audience to motivate and engage your employees and inspire action
  • How to use storytelling and content to build engagement and boost learning
  • The key principles that will ensure communications success
  • The importance of psychological safety
  • How to contribute to a culture where everyone feels valued
  • The best way to reach your audience

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Internal Communications Mastermind Group

Internal Communications Mastermind Group

Some of Canada’s biggest and best-known brands are part of the Vision2Voice Mastermind group. It is a confidential and supportive group where internal communications leaders share best practices and help each other learn and grow.
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