When you’ve got a major project and need expert help to get it done.

Name a project and we’ve likely done it – mergers, technology change, employee
survey comms, workplace of the future. We’ll take the stress out of your next
initiative, project or campaign.
What our clients are saying…

Working with Andrea and her team allowed our office to better understand the perspective of the everyday employee, thereby we were able to build into our plans a more effective way to reach out and engage them. Andrea’s down-to-earth nature and tell-it-like-it-is style enriched our communications products by bringing to life the language that was relevant to the audiences we were targeting.

– Michelle Reimer, Organization Development Consultant
Government of Canada

Certified Change Management Practitioners

We are certified change management practitioners who had led over 25-large scale change projects. We take a people-first approach to help your employees successfully navigate change, build resilience, and deliver the desired results on time and on budget.

Internal Communication Projects

When there is an important corporate initiative that requires more resources than you have and you can’t imagine getting it done, we can help. Our team will tackle special projects and campaigns with just the right amount of expertise.

Case Study: A Million Dollar Problem