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Fresh ideas, a new perspective, and help getting things done go a long way to refreshing and revitalizing both your internal communications and your team.


  • 87% of employees say they still receive the majority of company information via email, intranet, or in-person meetings yet 74% say they feel they’re missing out on information and news
  • 30% of employees say they simply ignore all emails that come from their employers
  • A business with 100 employees spends an average of 17 hours a week clarifying communications at a cost of over half a million dollars a year
  • 99.9% of communications and human resources professionals are really busy (yah, we made that one up)

We can help you take your communications to the next level by working with your team on special projects such as the launch of new policies and programs (ex. mental health initiatives, recognition programs). We can also coach leaders and managers and provide employee communications training.

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