Try this trick to make your internal comms more relatable

Employee Experience Internal Communication Strategy

If you struggle to connect with employees, your internal communication may not be relatable. A great way to fix this is to use real photos of the people at your company. By switching out stock photos and replacing them with actual photos of employees, you’ll instantly create more authentic content that connects with employees.


This article will explore why original photography can be a game-changer for internal communications storytelling. But understanding the advantages isn’t enough because you are sure to come up against a million excuses as to why you should stick with stock photos. So, we will provide some tips to help you encourage your organization to get real with internal communications photography.


Why it matters: The difference real photos can make

Stock photos look nice, are convenient and readily available online, and are cost-effective, but they lack one crucial element for impactful storytelling: authenticity.


1. Emotional connection and culture

Capturing real moments in your work environment creates a genuine feeling. When employees see familiar faces and settings, it resonates on a deeper level, helping to reinforce your company culture and values through your communications.


2. Authentic storytelling

It goes beyond taking pretty photos – original photography allows organizations to capture and share their unique narrative in a compelling and authentic way.

With original photos, you can tailor your visuals to your specific messages and brand identity.  Whether highlighting team achievements or showcasing a new project, having unique photos that align perfectly with your content increases engagement and interest while conveying a shared sense of purpose.


3. Inclusion and belonging

Original photography also fosters a sense of community and belonging; when employees see themselves represented in your internal communications, it reinforces that they are a valued and important part of the team.


How to get started

If we’ve convinced you that using real photos of your employees is a good idea, you will need to build buy-in and support across the organization. You’ll hear many objections from — my personal favourite – ‘the person in the photo might leave the company’ to ‘the photos aren’t great quality’.


Explain the importance: Start by explaining to leaders and colleagues why using original photos is important. Highlight the points we’ve made about connection, authenticity, and culture.

Provide guidelines: Offer clear guidelines on what types of photos are appropriate. This can include things like dress code, background, and lighting.

Start small: Use one or two employee photos in the next newsletter and gauge the effectiveness with metrics and by gathering feedback.

Celebrate diversity: Ensure that a range of employees are represented – not just different ages, genders, and ethnicities but also different roles, regions, and perspectives.

Organize training: Plan a lunch-and-learn or hands-on classes for employees to learn photography skills – skills that can be used in people’s personal and professional lives.

Recognize participation: Thank employees for submitting photos and recognize them for their contribution. Add a photo credit to your newsletter or photos on your intranet.

Hire a professional: Get started by hiring a professional. They can take professional headshots, cover an event, or take candid photos of employees at work for a day or two, all of which help to build your unique photo cache.


Start connecting

Original photography isn’t just about fancy photos — it’s a strategic tool for building an authentic connection with your employees. By investing in custom photos, organizations can take their storytelling to the next level, strengthen their brand identity, and nurture a more connected workplace culture. So, the next time you’re crafting an internal communication piece, consider using custom photography to give life to your message and leave a lasting impression on your employees.

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