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There is nothing more powerful than data to prove that your employee communication strategy is achieving results. Yet, people are usually so busy that they jump right to the next initiative without taking the time to gather meaningful information about their employee communication activities.

How will you know what’s working and what isn’t unless you take the time to track and measure results? And if you can’t demonstrate results, how do you expect to prove that your work has made a difference?

If you have been reading this series of posts about the elements of a great internal communication strategy, you will know that your strategy should have clear and measurable goals like boosting performance and increasing the bottom line.


Why measurement is so important

Today, the ability to track and measure results is easier than ever. But you need to measure what matters and you need to be relentless in your efforts to gather the necessary information and data.

Rule #1 –  what you measure must have a direct correlation to your communication goals. If you are striving for increased engagement and motivation, then measure that. If you want increased retention and lower turnover, then track it.

Measurement can provide solid evidence that you are doing great work! Who doesn’t want that???

Just as critical, the data you collect can help make your communication even better. How? It provides feedback on the effectiveness of the communication channels you are using and if your messages are having an impact. Many employees are overwhelmed with internal and external messages so standing out and being heard is essential. This includes making sure you are using the right channels. Are people drowning in email and would rather get corporate updates through regular town halls or quick scrums? Are your people buried in paper and would prefer to watch a short video providing information about the new rewards and recognition program?


Measuring results has three important benefits:

  1. Provides course correction by identifying what is not working so you can make adjustments
  2. It saves you time by helping you focus on the activities that are making a difference.
  3. It makes you look good because you have solid proof that your efforts made a difference


Give us a call if you need help A good resource is the book Measure What Matters by Katie Delahaye Paine, John Wiley & Sons, 2011; or go to for up to date articles focused on measurement. You can also just call us!

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