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I have reason to believe that not everyone really understands what internal communication is – and what it isn’t. This became abundantly clear during a random conversation I had while waiting to use the..umm..facilities at a campsite! (Yes, I know, not the usual place you would talk about business). In essence, the man I was talking to thought internal communication referred to notes in a file. Arghh.

Let me start by explaining what it is – and, what it isn’t.

First, what it is not:

  • It is not interpersonal communication
  • It is not day-to-day conversations between co-workers
  • It is not interaction between teams about work


Now, what it is:

  • It recognizes that people are the heart and soul of the organization
  • It is strategic — driven by the organization’s goals and objectives
  • It is planned and managed
  • It involves the organization as a whole
  • It is two-way
  • It informs, involves and inspires employees (when done well!)
  • It uses different channels or methods to support the exchange of information, ideas, and views
  • It enables better understanding between the organization and its employees
  • It contributes to happy, engaged, productive employees who have a common purpose


And finally, my definition of internal communication:

Internal communication is the planned and managed exchange of information between an organization and its employees with the goal of contributing to business success and a great workplace. It informs, involves and inspires.

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